Roof Ventilation Guide

Roof Ventilation - Why It Is Important?

Roof ventilation is among those concepts that homeowners hear about but, might not totally understand its importance. A good ventilation is crucial to prolong the longevity of roof. If you wish to know why it is vital, then you have to understand first what happens when you don't have a decent airflow.

There are lots of homeowners who don't understand the real issue with inadequate ventilation. They're usually expensive and may cause health issues if it isn't addressed. The heat buildup as well as moisture levels may result to several problems.


Shortening the life of roof vent installers system - roofing materials as well as its underlayment could deteriorate with the moisture and heat below.


Soft decking or sagging - the buildup of moisture plus the underside of roof may cause the deck to either fail or sag.


Mildew/mold growth - warm and moist condition are the perfect breeding grounds for the growth of mildew and mold.


Rust spread - when there is moisture buildup, then metal surfaces similar to truss plates, hangers and nails will start to deteriorate and rust. To understand more about roof ventilation.


Added stress on the AC - the heat of attic may cause cold air in vents to warm up, which will keep your air conditioning system running all time.

As a matter of fact, there are even some signs that you might notice which tells you that you have to call a roofer to handle the venting problems.


Number 1. Air conditioner runs non step even on mild summer days - when there's buildup of heat in the attic, it will cause the air in the AC vents to heat up. Thus, it is going to make the AC struggle to cool your house.


Number 2. Curled roof shingles - asphalt shingles normally last around 10 to 20 years or even more with proper care and maintenance. If you notice curling of shingles, then it can be a sign that heat below is prematurely deteriorating the shingles.


If you think that you have that you have poor roof ventilation, then you have to do something about it. Failing to address the said problem can shorten the life of your roof dramatically, which can possibly lead to mildew and mold and even make your bills high. The best way of correcting issues in roof ventilation at is by bringing a professional in. It may seem easy to get the air circulate through your attic but the truth is, it requires understanding of how the roof works. Making a mistake can result to serious damage.

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