Roof Ventilation Guide

Types of Roof Ventilation Systems.

There are many parts that make us a building. These parts include the floor, walls, windows, and roofs. Each and every part is meant to carry out a certain work. Floors are used to withstand human forces. All activities are done on the floor of a building. Walls are used as a barrier against external forces such as harsh weather conditions. Windows are used to provide ventilation and light in the building. Windows vary in terms of their shape, colors, and size. Doors are used as entry points into a building.

Roofs protect us from external elements such as downfall and destructive elements. There are many types of roofs. Examples of such roofs are metal roofs, tile roofs, slate roofs, thatched roofs to name a few. Metal roofs are made of either aluminum or copper material. Metal roofs are known to be long lasting and resistant to external elements. Tile roofs are made of clay. These roofs are also long lasting and resistant to external elements. Slate roofs are made of clay and they are very heavy as compared with other types of roofs.


Slate roofs are resistant to destructive elements such as fires. Thatched roofs are rarely used nowadays.


These kinds of roofs were used in the past. Thatched roof is made of plant materials are they are a risk to fires and other destructive elements. Roof ventilation for industrial buildings are other materials besides roofing materials. Roof ventilation systems are the type of air conditioning systems. They are used for the purpose of temperature control in a building. Roof ventilation systems are used to allow air into or out of the house depending on the type of weather condition. The installation of roof ventilation system is dependent on the climate of a given region. There is a need to seek for advice from roofing contractors on the kind of roof ventilation system to be installed. There are a few types of roof ventilation system.


Power vents are types of roof ventilation system that are motor driven. These kinds of roof ventilation systems can be used in every kind of environment.  For more details about water harvesting check out this website: slimline water tanks for sale


The box vent roof ventilation system is a static roof system that has no movable parts. These types of roof ventilation systems regulate temperature by conventional air movement. They are inexpensive and most common types of roof ventilation systems. Wind turbines are kinds of solar powered whirlybird roof ventilation systems that have movable parts and rely on winds for their movements.

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